Inter Growth Investments Limited prides itself on building long term personal relationship with our clients to intrinsically understand their individual personal circumstances, goals, and risks.”

Mr William Smyth
at the UK Business Conference

About us

Inter Growth Investment is dedicated and motivated to offer our clients the best possible service.

We enjoy welcoming new clients and the opportunities and history that comes with each because that is what inspires us here at Inter Growth Investment to succeed. Our website offers an introduction to our service and details on how to contact us for further information.

Since our inception in 1971 we have worked with and guided a variety of private investors and corporations to successfully increase growth and profits year on year.

We allow our clients the unique chance to utilise our specialist investment consultants to manage their personal finances for secure growth.

Our private client division has grown considerably since 1971 and now it represents our biggest success story.

We operate our private client/wealth management division with the same level of integrity and transparency as we would our corporate services.

We have established ourselves as leaders in fee based financial planning services such as wealth management and have done this by constantly outperforming market indicators and by our executives who are specialist in tax efficiency which we use to be as cost effective as possible


With a highly qualified and respected team of industry specialists, with an average of twenty-five years of experience and during their careers as investment professionals and senior managers have completed hundreds of transactions with combined values in excess of $15 billion.



Financial Planning

Our financial planning is developed around our clients.



We offer our clients the chance to trade Equity.


Private Client

We offer an all-encompassing and scrupulous research method.



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