Mergers, Acquisitions & IPO´s

Our capable and expert consultants are experienced in working with a variety of corporations through their business cycle, from small start-ups through mergers to expansion and individual investors.

Inter Growth Investment’ experienced consultants can offer a diverse range of transparent solutions to any financial obstacle to reduce the risks involved for all parties in any merger and acquisition.

During Mergers, Acquisitions & IPO´s we know that these processes can be long, drawn out and complex. We offer a smooth transition by correctly and efficiently identifying all assets and resources to fully understand balance sheets and a company’s liquidation. Our consultants also offer advice in many other aspects such as share offering, structuring or restructuring.


Our Pre-IPO placements are carefully planned and IGI is already financially invested in the recommendation.

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Strategic Position

Inter Growth Investment’ commitment and dedication to our clients are what has helped us grow from our inception client base of just 50 to in excess of 3000 in 2017.

Our knowledge and understanding of the markets and our access to private placements which provides ourselves and our clients with basement level entry into some of the best global IPO's.

Due to our success and longevity, we have been successful in setting up a number of partnerships so we can continue to fund and offer a shared knowledge to our corporate clients.

Providing Confidence

Inter Growth’ provides an individual personal asset manager that can offer an independent based service offering planning to assist in a variety of situations.

We can assist in reorganisations and re-financing, future production planning and asset sales, and a variety of strategic consulting. Please contact us for more information regarding your specific needs.