Equity Reports

In the financial markets, information is by far the most valuable asset. IGI Investors rely on information to know what to put their money into, our asset managers need information to know whether they should enter or exit a position, and corporate financiers (including bankers, private equity firms etc) need information to value companies and participate in transactions.

We offer an all-encompassing and scrupulous research methods supported by our traditional methods such as our experienced consultants and our highly prised and sophisticated software and analysis tools.

Our knowledge and experience are second to none and we can also draw from the knowledge of our partners in each individual industry for the benefits of our clients.

We identify targets and then thoroughly examine their reports and using our own ratios and methods, we break down their financial reporting to produce much more efficient and exact information for us to use in determining the best possible investment for our clients.


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Financial planning

Our financial planning is developed around our clients and their current financial situation and what they want to achieve.

We offer a personalised plan based specifically on our clients and what they tell us they require. Our plans naturally include the accommodations of a multitude of events to ensure flexibility and security.

Our strategists here at Inter Growth Investment are amongst some of the top strategists in the world and are in high demand with the drive, determination, and commitment to constantly challenge themselves to do better.

Portfolio construction

When we formulate investment portfolios for our clients we assume command and take our role very seriously and professionally.

We manage your funds as if they were our own. As success for you means success for Inter Growth Investment. We are completely professional and never act without discussing all possible options with our clients first.

We spend a considerable amount of time discussing risks with our client which is why we go to great lengths to show them we take their concerns seriously. Risks can be increased if you diversify within the same market or industry. That is why we diversify outside of the chosen investment market.