Here at Inter Growth Investment, we are known for investing in a diverse range of assets that demonstrate the prospective long-term growth and returns for both Inter Growth Investment and our clients.

Our portfolios are thoroughly researched and risk mitigation is crucial to ensure security and peace of mind for our clients. We use a prudently developed approach to the management of investments, from our cutting edge market and industry analysis tools to our expert consultant’s knowledge and experience to identify and understand our client’s objectives and necessities.

Our history in the financial sector has shown us that people are more concerned with maintaining their accrued wealth as opposed to attaining higher yields. At Inter Growth Investment you can enjoy the benefits of both with the security and peace of mind that our robust due diligence offers.


We know our role as advisor is crucial to success. We endeavor to earn your trust through our own loyalty and by achieving good returns with risk minimalised.

We can provide strategic planning for a variety of situations from pension planning to tax solutions to reduce the burden that you face and ensure your financial future is secure.

We offer a flat fee-based commission service so our asset managers are rewarded by commissions gained from the success of our clients.


Inter Growth Investment has succeeded with our strategic planning since 1971.

We methodically research and analyse markets and industries using the latest analysis tool and applications to discover new trends and develop strategic investment planning. This ensures all possible risks and challenges are prepared for including exit strategies so our clients can have peace of mind.

Our cutting edge market analysis led to us anticipating the growth in China’s middle class and the crash in western real estate and led to rewarding returns for our loyal clients.

Our aim here at Inter Growth Investment is to give our clients’ security and peace of mind that their personal circumstances will be carefully considered to achieve high returns with minimal risk.