Initial Public Offerings (IPO's)

The power of being well positioned in any initial public offerings can greatly increase returns compared to entering into the investment vehicle at the point of listing.

We offer private placement products by placing ourselves in a strategic position by investing the companies usually 12 to 18 months prior to the private company going public.

Our tried and tested methods have been a success story for over the past 10 years and we continue to grow based on our attributes and also a fantastic team of asset managers.

We have access and working relations with a large number of global banks which is why we are able to offer such fantastic opportunities within the global markets.


We offer an all-encompassing and scrupulous research method.


We offer our clients the chance to trade in some very unique companies. We understand the volatility of markets can create negativity to capital which is why we invest in stocks that have been thoroughly researched by ourselves and our partners.

We compile equity reports for sole use so that our advisors can personally pick the best short term and medium to long term investment opportunities likely to yield higher returns at lower risks.